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karema application platform

Welcome on our application platform for the karema project (click here, to get to the website of karema and get some information about the project).

Please note: In order to apply you need to be a postdoc. Therefore, you need to have finished your PhD by December 2017.
(For more detailed informations and exemptions please refer to the FAQ section)

Please note:

There are currently problems with mail delivery to hotmail-addresses. If this concerns you, please indicate an alternative email address. If during application you don‘t receive emails that you should receive, please also contact karema@cs.uni-kl.de.

Application deadline

Deadline for the application to the karema project is August 22, 2017

Application step by step

  1. Prepare your necessary documents as PDF-Files in advance (see the list given below under „What do I need to submit…“)
  2. Register on our web-based application platform, fill out the form and upload your documents at your personal login page.
    You don´t have to complete the application process in one step, you can log in and modify your application data repeatedly. When you are done, please press „Submit Application“.
  3. We will start to evaluate your application at the latest after the application deadline, and will contact you in case we have further questions.
  4. We will inform you about the result of the application at the latest in September by e-mail.
    Please don´t ask about the status of your application. You can find your application data and status on your personal login page.

What do I need to submit if I want to apply for karema?

Due to the focus on research within the karema project, one of the most important things to submit will be an outline of your research idea. You will have to submit the outline of your research idea via an input field that allows up to 4,000 characters.
Please refer to the point „What exactly is an outline of your research idea?“ within the FAQ section for further information.

To complete the application, please prepare the following documents as PDF-files (unless specified otherwise).
It is sufficient to submit electronic documents, i.e. no hardcopies need to be sent.

The following electronic documents (PDF) are mandatory:

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) (please read the information about what to include and how to structure your CV that will be provided during your application)
  • PhD certificate
  • Publication list
  • Most important publications regarding your project idea (up to 5)
  • Master‘s degree certificate(s) (original language)
  • Master‘s degree certificate(s) (certified translation, if original language is other than English or German)
  • Letter of motivation
  • Letter of recommendation from faculty staff of a university or research institute (PDF; can also be sent in paper form, if to be handled confidentially)
  • English language qualification certificate (e.g. IELTS, TOEFL; see further details)

The following electronic documents (PDF) are not mandatory, but very useful and therefore recommended:

  • Further qualifications such as certificates of awards.

German proficiency

German language proficiency is not required.

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